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PRIYANKA is a British jewellery brand from London and a member of the British National Jewellery Association. The brand is focusing on the artistic philosophy that concrete expression of abstract concepts, through a variety of wearing methods, free combination to explore more wear ability.

The brand aims to articulate the beauty of small things in daily life, and use the design language to make it more resonant and connect with daily life, so we could see more of the small beauty hidden under the surface of daily life.

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PRIYANKA, the Little Sweet in live.

Give you the discover EYE, Your World is what you SEE.

Priyanka is a name in Asian and Buddhist cultures, derived from the Sanskrit word. Priya means ‘Love’ and Anka means ‘Symbol’, it together mean roughly ‘Symbol of Love’. It means someone or something that is amiable, lovable, or makes you happy and talkative. That is the brand we try to create. All our pieces carries our loves to you and to the nature, also your loves to others and to yourself.  

Priyanka also has the semantic meaning of kindness. At PRIYANKA LONDON, we believe on kind nature. That is also the way we do business and develop relationship with our partners.

We believe jewellery is a lot more than just a trinket, it is in fact, a powerful medium of self-expression and a personal statement, a reminder. Priyanka is the statement we want to make -- Symbol of Love, Nature of kind. We hope our loved jewellery will bring better you and better world.

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