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Creative . Technology . Kindness


PRIYANKA LONDON is a much-loved British jewellery brand with meaning. 

Priyanka, a magic word of love and kindness. Our jewellery remind you open the eye to your heart and see the love and kind around, the love and kind keep the world afloat. Your world is what you see. Seeing the love and kind world, helps bring out a better you and better world.

The brand tells the story of the nature love and kindness, experienced travels and adventures around the world; the passion for fine and beautiful things, exploration of technology, muti-culture and open minded.



We respect traditional craftsmanship and also welcome the new technologies, like utilizing 3D tech to apply the Draping & Fitting concept from fashion industry onto jewellery. We developed project to revolutionize the jewelry with the unique 3D draping and fitting technology combine with the traditional fine jewellery craftsmanship to provide a fashionable, comfortable, fitted and luxury look. We spend years partnered with 3D modeling profession, fine jewelry craftsman with decades of experiences in industry to develop the unique 3D draping jewellery collection.

To sculpt the design fitted for more people, we’ve collected a huge sample of female 3D scan data on heads & hands for an average 3D curve data for jewelries. So we can drape our design onto these integrated data to get a finest comfort and orientated according to how people wear. The sketch of the design is first converted to 3D graphics, and with the 3D curves data collected, we can then perform Fashion draping & fitting by adjusting the models and print them out for trial.



Symbol of Love . Nature of kind

Your World is What You See

Priyanka is a name in Asian and Buddhist cultures, derived from the Sanskrit word. Priya means ‘Love’ and Anka means ‘Symbol’, it together mean roughly ‘Symbol of Love’. It means someone or something that is amiable, lovable, or makes you happy and talkative. That is the brand we try to create. All our pieces carries our loves to you and to the nature, also your loves to others and to yourself.  

Priyanka also has the semantic meaning of kindness. At PRIYANKA LONDON, we believe on kind nature. That is also the way we do business and develop relationship with our partners.

We believe jewellery is a lot more than just a trinket, it is in fact, a powerful medium of self-expression and a personal statement, a reminder. Priyanka is the statement we want to make -- Symbol of Love, Nature of kind. We hope our loved jewellery will bring better you and better world.

Jewelry Sketches


Main designer Lucy Clarice graduated from Italy POLIMODA , one the the top four fashion and design schools in the world. She was passion to discuss about building up her own brand when she was in school. She started her journey in the industry from 2010 after graduated. After few years worked in luxury fashion house with buying and distribution. She went into bespoke fine jewellery. The fashion background influences her design. With the 3D technology, she applies draping and fitting concept from fashion on design. She combined experience in buying and merchandising with background in design and art to bring out the brand PRIYANKA LONDON.


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