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Self Badge Series Seven Loves Necklace Gold

Self Badge Series Seven Loves Necklace Gold


Love and you will be loved. 


The Self badge series is inspired by symbolism combined with the family emblems of various European families. Each symbol has a special meaning: true love, energy, diving guidance, forward, wholeness, freedom, self grow... Each symbol is a tool of self-discovery and expression, daily reminders to live a more meaningful & fuller life, connecting the past and the future. They are the badge for self, the guardian of the soul, in order to meet a better self. 


Love, a tribute to the seven kinds of love in the world defined thousands of years ago, Eros-romantic love, Philia-friendship, Agape-universal love, Storch-parent-child love, road Des-the love of giggles, Braggama-the love based on responsibility and reason, and Philatia-self-love. Six pearls represent six of them, and last one is in your heart.


Material: 18Ct gold plated brass, zircon, freshwater pearl

  • Care

    Store your jewellery away from the sun in a cool, dark place - something airtight is best as it prevents your jewellery from oxidising. To minimise any scratching or tangling to your jewellery, ensure necklaces and bracelets are fastened. Avoid wearing your jewellery in the bath, shower or swimming pool. Please be careful not to allow perfumes, make-up, body and sun creams touch your pieces as this can cause it to tarnish.

  • Warranty

    Our jewellery is designed with love, with a six month warranty on all of our pieces for peace of mind. Please note that in order for the warranty to be valid you will have to return to us your faulty item in full in order to receive a replacement. For over six month item, we will be happy to fix with a small fee.

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