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Praise Bracelet Gold

Praise Bracelet Gold


The chain adopts a bead-pull design, which could be adjusted to any length.


The Praise series is PRIYANKA honored to pay tribute to Joel Arthur Rosenthal, the most influential living jewelry designer in the contemporary era. This odd-tempered craftsman only produces 70 to 80 pieces of jewellery each year, so arrogant that he designs only for a few people, and the studio is not open to the public. Each piece of JAR jewelry is unique, but it is rarely shown to the public, only three times. He once held the JAR Jewelry fair in London in 2002. Our designer was fortunate enough to attend the exhibition. She was deeply shocked and determined her design path. The Praise lotus leaf series pays tribute to the master that does not stained in this glitzy era.


Material: 18Ct gold plated brass, zircon

  • Care

    Store your jewellery away from the sun in a cool, dark place - something airtight is best as it prevents your jewellery from oxidising. To minimise any scratching or tangling to your jewellery, ensure necklaces and bracelets are fastened. Avoid wearing your jewellery in the bath, shower or swimming pool. Please be careful not to allow perfumes, make-up, body and sun creams touch your pieces as this can cause it to tarnish.

  • Warranty

    Our jewellery is designed with love, with a six month warranty on all of our pieces for peace of mind. Please note that in order for the warranty to be valid you will have to return to us your faulty item in full in order to receive a replacement. For over six month item, we will be happy to fix with a small fee.

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